Freedom of the Press does not mean Free Speech

With Leveson now published, and much debate on the subject being reported, I think it is worth pointing out  that the Internet is not the only elephant in the room in these discussions. So long as newspapers are owned by super-rich oligarchs, ex-pornographers and the like, and mirror or reflect in any way the views and prejudices and over-weening habits… continue reading

The Resignation of Denis MacShane

Denis MacShane was Minister for Europe under Tony Blair.  He brought a wider and more cultured vision and experience to that role than many politicians and activists  ever get near, at least in this country. For instance, he  translated into English a Brecht poem for “Poems on the Underground”.  He also responded positively to a slightly grandiose letter from me … continue reading

Fable 5 – The Fisherman who Stopped Bailing

I am adding Fable Five here to the pieces uploaded in previous posts (see below). Called “The Fisherman who Stopped Bailing,” it contrasts two different responses to life’s demands  – give yourself over to a life of bailing your own leaky boat until your energy runs out, or risk trusting others to co-operate with you in building a larger vessel,… continue reading

In fervent hope of the re-election of Barak Obama

I wrote the poem below in 2008, in wonder, delight and trepidation at the election of Barack Obama. Was America ready for this wonderful development ? The answer would appear to be, barely. Four years later, he is still there, but has had to fight for every inch of movement into the light, restrained and restricted by blind, frantic and… continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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