The Dry Fly Fisherman

I was with some young people during the Christmas holiday. I liked them a lot and wanted them to flourish, for all our sakes. They were vividly awake to the difficulties in front of them,  and were discussing how to take their next steps,  what risks and uncertainty seemed justifiable, what strategies to deploy for their talents to gain purchase… continue reading

Fable 6 – Jason on the Walls

I am adding Fable Six here to the pieces uploaded in previous posts (see further down on the blog for the earlier Fables).  In “Jason on the Walls,” we find ourselves in an ancient Greek landscape for a discussion on hope, leadership and decision-making. With relief, but in grief,  Jason gives up the leadership of his fresh-built city in favour… continue reading

A Statement of Principle in time for Christmas

I suspect that many of us see “principle” as something we can just hive off and leave in airy-fairy land while we hurry out to do our Christmas shopping.  So I’ll say straightaway that, on the contrary,  true and meaningful principle may in the end be the only fact that counts, far more significant and substantive than most of the… continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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