Fable 7 – The People who don’t Appear

I am adding Fable Seven here to the pieces uploaded in previous posts (see further down on the blog for earlier Fables). They belong in a series called “Fables and Reflections” which consists of sixteen pieces in all. In this fable, I suggest that the “people who don’t appear” are the helpers, the healers, the teachers, the people whose task… continue reading

Mental Health Witness – are UK services getting worse ?

I was at an event at the Poetry Society in London the other night, celebrating the 21st anniversary of a small charity concerned with mental health and creativity. The charity’s Chair stood up and suggested that mental health services are actually worse now than they were when the charity was founded, all those years ago. That was a big and… continue reading

From the Waiting Room

From The Waiting Room sculpture by Dorothy Love at www.dorothylove.co.ukcontinue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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