You have left petals on old stones

and memories that chase


the rhythms of my blood

and activate my bones


and through my gathering shadow

guide me.


Are you re-born in me

or have I eaten you,

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Word Play


May words work.

May mine

look you in the eye

and having found you out

work on you right there.

Fraud and felon play

with words, seeking

only to deceive and buy

and bend you to their will.

I must work a cleaner way… Continue reading Word Play

Fable 14 – Rome Burning

This short piece offers a kind of action-guide for times of crisis and confusion. Here is a link to it. It proposes a system for prioritising what to do, when it seems that there are always several things that need to be done at once, and they are all clamouring for your attention. For… Continue reading Fable 14 - Rome Burning

Where in the World does Poetry Belong ?

I run a project called “Poems for…” It  offers poem-posters free of charge for public display. Many of the poems are bilingual, with over fifty different languages represented so far. The poems go to schools and libraries and healthcare waiting rooms across the UK and in fact all over the world.

Here below is… Continue reading Where in the World does Poetry Belong ?

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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