Time for leaving, time for anything

I am about to move house and to start a new life in a city still strange to me.  Among all the many moments I have to give to packing and managing the move, I have found a few spare to write this.

But snatching at moments seems an image for us all, in… Continue reading Time for leaving, time for anything



This England

this Bling land


this Bling and Buy Land

this Hack and Spy Land


this Try a Lie Land

this Me and My Land


We’re all in this together

in Me and Mine Land.


What price… Continue reading WHERE ONE IS THE OTHER MUST BE

The Night Before

I wonder when the point of exhaustion is reached, north of the border. By now, most people know what they will vote tomorrow and many have anyway already voted, casting their die. But some there will be who even now don’t know and may be agonising tonight. They may be the best of all the… Continue reading The Night Before

The Scottish Referendum : odd thoughts

The campaign has not just energised Scots and many more – it will surely have embittered many, too. How will Scotland fare once the decision is made and the “sides” stand back from the barricades, the losers looking at the winners in the eye ? Will they help each other put the barricades away ?… Continue reading The Scottish Referendum : odd thoughts

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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