In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Month: January 2015

  • Wrestling with my Shadow


      My shadow dogs my path. It dwarfs me, this daemon, this desolate god. Could I live shadow-free ? Would I fly ? What would be left of me ?   Here are some more thoughts on the shadow :   First Sightings   I can say this with real pride : no one but…

  • I and Thou and Charlie


    In the early 1990’s, I wrote a series of poems called “I hyphen Thou”. The poems explored the image of the hyphen and were suggested by a book by the philosopher/theologian Martin Buber called “I and Thou.” The idea of the hyphen is an old favourite of mine. In fact I run a small charity…

  • The Space Between


    All that matters of me resides outside my skin. Here I am dross an eye-lid’s flicker but where we meet and what we make there shall never leave the Earth. We have to make precious the space between us. It is humanity’s last hope. Our medium is diamonds if only we will shape them.                                                    …

  • Let the bird of paradise speak loud from his cage


    I want to recite to camera a long poem, originally by John Skelton. And I want to do so from the top of the Tyndale Monument, a tall tower on a hill near Bristol.  William Tyndale and Skelton both lived in the reign of Henry VIIIth but they have more than that in common. The…

  • The sky is cloudy, the coast is nothing clear. Is there anything we should be doing ?


    I was contacted recently by a friend and colleague now retired. She was an NHS mental health worker, who gave her all for years flat out, feelingly and wisely. Now she paces and grieves. Here is a slightly abridged version of what she wrote : “I have met with several ex-colleagues recently. On Saturday I…