Let the bird of paradise speak loud from his cage

I want to recite to camera a long poem, originally by John Skelton. And I want to do so from the top of the Tyndale Monument, a tall tower on a hill near Bristol.  William Tyndale and Skelton both lived in the reign of Henry VIIIth but they have more than that in common. The poem I want to read… continue reading

The sky is cloudy, the coast is nothing clear. Is there anything we should be doing ?

I was contacted recently by a friend and colleague now retired. She was an NHS mental health worker, who gave her all for years flat out, feelingly and wisely. Now she paces and grieves. Here is a slightly abridged version of what she wrote : “I have met with several ex-colleagues recently. On Saturday I bumped into [one] who said… continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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