Truth or Lie – which to vote for in May ?

For me, one of the best news items in recent days has been Peter Oborne’s resignation from The Telegraph on a point of principle. I hadn’t even heard his name before, but suddenly here he is, more prominent and sharply focused than almost anything else in the parade of parrot heads and slogans we are so used to. This respected… continue reading

What is this world? What asketh men to have ?

There was once a teacher whose words had unusual power. Crowds gathered wherever he spoke.  But somehow and at the same time, his mere presence seemed to threaten all order and decorum in the city.  With wonderful persuasiveness, he seemed to be calling a whole way of life into question. He was advocating change, astonishing change. He taught that the… continue reading

Who’s to Blame for our Condition ? Who can we Accuse ?

Shall we blame Foreigners ? Oh yes, let’s. It’s all those Eurocrats and Asylum Seekers. Those Ukranians. Those Poles. Those Australians. Those “ethnics.” Foreigners are all liars and criminals. Well, let’s pretend they are, anyway. It’s comforting to feel under siege. It makes you surer of your ground. And shall we blame Poor People too ? People dependent on a… continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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