What does “hard-working people” mean ?

There is clearly merit to be earned by any politician who uses the term “hard-working people.” It seems to be this group of people the politicians of all parties want on their side, this group they want to seem to stand for and to be talking to and to please. Perhaps the word has gone out in Westminster that “hard-working”… continue reading

The Parrot’s liberty to speak

Here is my reading of a poem about a truth-telling parrot in a cage. It is based on a sixteenth century poem called “Speak, Parrot” by John Skelton. I think the parrot has much to say to us Britons now, in 2015, in the weeks following the Tory win here.   The reading is accompanied by photographs taken in and… continue reading

Is there a place for honour in this House ?

So the UK’s Coalition Government of the last five years is now behind us and we are in the process of choosing its replacement. A frantic election campaign has begun, and in fact began ages back, much of it conducted at the lowest possible level by people trained in hitting low. There is a mix (and muddle ?) of parties… continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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