Truth tells – another time

Aortal Bleeding

Perhaps our Creator lacks a mind
and therefore had no plan
for how yours and mine
would work. In which case
our lives and history
are just a continuous accident
like a river nosing downhill
chancing on points of give.

But it’s hard not to decipher
a certain deliberation
verging on cruelty
in our Creator’s gift to us
of the capacity to lie.
Lying is a declaration
of war on Otherness
a blow for the unbridled self.
It is similar to our gift
for doing evil. Our lying and our evil
threaten all our Creator’s work.

If our Creator had a mind
perhaps He was thinking
that our god-given lust
for the lie
would teach us that truth
works better. For trust
is like blood and lies lead
to aortal bleeding. We are bleeding
our hope away. I have
no doubt that just
before it’s too late
we shall remember
to worship the truth
and shall punish
as enemies of Creation
all who lie.

Rogan Wolf, November 2015

Copyright © Rogan Wolf – Poet and Social Worker
In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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