Dorset in View

From above, this region is a quilt of all colours, covering a vast and restless sleeper ; each week the colours have shifted, wrapped in season. No pause here. No holding still. The tractor driver spends all the daylight hours and more, lonely in his cab, changing a field’s colour inch by inch, precisely row by row. A young deer,… continue reading

The Dance of the Emperor who Wears no Clothes

The Brexit dance continues. And in London, a court case has just come to an end, in which lawyers have been debating whether or not Parliament should have influence over the Brexit process. We shall hear the result of that court case in the near future. But its implications are profoundly important and the discussion belongs beyond the court of… continue reading

Autumn UK 2016

  Today our skies evicted the swallow and the swift was banished weeks ago and in Dorset the house martin whose tiny mud globes once crammed the eaves was simply absent all year.   And last week Putin, unrestrained, bombed hospitals in Aleppo and Trump continued his debasing of America and Theresa May declared the date of Britain’s embrace of… continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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