Parrot’s Cage

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Parrot Peers

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Parrot speaks to the 2-Bit mobsters

This latest parrot stanza refers to Theresa May’s encounter with the EU leaders in Salzburg yesterday and “The Sun’s” headline which appeared yesterday evening. It said : “EU DIRTY RATS – The SUN SAYS we can’t wait to free ourselves of the two-bit mobsters who run the European Union.” “The Sun” is owned by the far right billionaire Rupert Murdoch,… continue reading

Satan at Meat

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The Parrot Seeks a Cage

Here is that parrot again, bird of paradise, thundering from his cage in rhyme royal, claiming his liberty to speak his truth. He fears for his young and sees no true or worthy leaders anywhere, merely creatures of self-interest seeking their own gain from our flounderings in the valley of the shadow… Or put it another way : where’s the… continue reading

I Send Greetings

The building pictured here is St Aldhelm’s Chapel. It is Norman, dark and damp and situated on the edge of a Dorset cliff, facing south. Sitting there, enclosed in those thick walls, you feel a bit like being in a deep cave, but placed up high and on an edge, stubborn yet precarious. Last Autumn, I gave a poetry reading… continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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