Some More on the Clifton Cathedral Exhibition

Here are four pictures from the poetry exhibition held in Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, earlier this year. Basically, I am still learning what I can do with this WordPress set-up. It seems that I don’t have much control over the image placing and sizing ; and the bigger the number of them I upload in the one “gallery,” the smaller they tend to be, to fit into the space available.

First, I have selected three pictures which give an overview of the balcony on which the exhibition took place and show how the poems were set out there.

Below that I have shown one of the poems that were displayed.

You can see that it – like all the others – is mounted against the rough concrete walls of the cathedral. The original Arabic on the right is by Mourid Barghouti. He wanted me to make clear on the poster that he is a Palestinian poet.

These walls are “inscribed” by the wood-grain of the planks between which the concrete was originally cast and set. Against that background, the poems look especially beautiful, I find, and speak more powerfully. I am not sure I understand why. I am not sure what the background textures do to support the words and make them “mean more”. But that is what seems to me to be happening here. The words seem to ring out more here, than they would in a book, say.

I hope more pictures will follow. The vast majority of them were taken by Alan Thunhurst.

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