The Parrot Catches Election Fever

The stanza above refers, of course, to the sudden large majority in the House of Commons for Mr Johnson’s preference for a General Election dated December 14th, 2019. I, for one, failed to understand this sudden end to the parliamentary containment of the Toad, this letting go of the impasse, this apparent agreement to engage in the disagreement of an… continue reading

Dr Doombeetle Tutors the Toad

We’ve already met Dr Doombeetle in these stanzas, of course. He is Dominic Cummings, who first came to general notice as advisor to Mr  Michael Gove at the Dept of Education (Mr Gove has previously appeared in these    stanzas too, to be precise the 7th one – see “Jetsam Gove” in “Parrot Speaks of the Brexit Agon (2)” ). One… continue reading

The Parrot Reports on the Launch of a Toad

What’s that I see up there in the sky ? Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? oh no ! It’s a high-flying, high-lying Hoodlum Toad ! Just as I was uploading this, it was being reported that the Toad was going to press for a December General Election. … continue reading

The Parrot Considers the Right Wing Press

The right wing press were chorusing their criticism of Parliament for doing its duty in examining the work of our dodgy Executive and holding it to account. According to the press, MP’s were betraying “the will of the People” by not rubber-stamping what Mr Toad has come up with – however misinformed that same People had been in the first,… continue reading

The Parrot Examines the Use of Words

The previous Saturday had been billed as yet another “crunch” Brexit day, and I had been ready to face the worst. But, as things turned out, the Toad was left frustrated on that occasion. Today, however, another crunch had come. Anxiety had returned. Was Brexit truly a set of developments that might still happen, probably still would happen ? Yes,… continue reading

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