An Exhibition of Bilingual Poems

I’m uploading here a set of photographs of an exhibition I mounted a few months ago, in Clifton Cathedral.

In the weeks that have passed since then, political and social developments everywhere have continued to be so frenzied and fast-moving and upsetting, that the exhibition feels even deeper tucked in the past than actually it is. But I feel justified in apparently harking back. I believe that the exhibition says something very topically relevant. And, through these images now, it speaks to us with great power, urgency and beauty.

The exhibition taught me that words are not just a matter of sound and meaning. The place or time in which they are read can also add to or detract from their power to reach through, to chime in with. Against the rough concrete surfaces of the cathedral, this place given over to expression and celebration of the sacred, I think the poems spoke with even greater strength than usually they do. Place and words spoke to and for each other. I shall keep looking for ways to publish the exhibition on the internet that will do it adequate justice.

“This is like a contemporary Book of Psalms”, someone said, on first seeing the poems set out there.

Here, first, is a copy of the information displayed in the exhibition setting. The pictures follow.

Copyright © Rogan Wolf – Poet and Social Worker
In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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