The Severn in the Neighbourhood of North Italy



The question is, I suppose, what makes a neighbourhood, at the present time ? North Italy is quite a distance away from the river Severn, and in lock-down. But so is Britain, I and my next door neighbour and neighbours. 

But now that we in Britain have “got it done” – whatever puerile hoodlum pathological nonsense was meant by that –  northern Italy is certainly further away than it was before.

A website called Margutte, which specialises in being neighbourly across languages, and is managed from a house in north Italy, has just linked to my longish poem about the Severn, called “Of my Neighbour the Severn”

My north Italian neighbour Silvia is the person responsible both for the decision and the action and I am grateful and gratified. From my little castle in mis-led England, I send salutations and urgent hopes for her continued good health. 


Copyright © Rogan Wolf – Poet and Social Worker
In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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