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Naming the Beast of the Year

  This beast has our country’s contours written all over it. It has leapt from out of the ruins of the city, those hollow squares, and from the great labrynth below ground where the thread got tangled, and from the wi-fi and the wires through which we do not speak but intone like digital toys or just snarl, just howl.… continue reading

Autumn UK 2016

  Today our skies evicted the swallow and the swift was banished weeks ago and in Dorset the house martin whose tiny mud globes once crammed the eaves was simply absent all year.   And last week Putin, unrestrained, bombed hospitals in Aleppo and Trump continued his debasing of America and Theresa May declared the date of Britain’s embrace of… continue reading

Wrestling with my Shadow

  My shadow dogs my path. It dwarfs me, this daemon, this desolate god. Could I live shadow-free ? Would I fly ? What would be left of me ?   Here are some more thoughts on the shadow :   First Sightings   I can say this with real pride : no one but I throws my shadow.  … continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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