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And what is Art for, then ?

For the first time on this blog, on this New Year’s Day, I want simply to report on something I did recently. I’m proud of it, but am also still absorbing what it meant.

Half way through December, I ran a “Mental Health Arts” evening in a church assembly room, part of an inner-city… Continue reading And what is Art for, then ?

So when’s the Next Post due, then ?

But how can there be a next when we haven’t even established a starting-point ?

I suggest that to be afraid of the world ending is pointless now. There is a sense in which the world has ended already. Certainly, the solid orb our parents knew has disappeared, along with the truisms and structures… Continue reading So when’s the Next Post due, then ?

Smoking and the Skills of Love

I believe that in its serious and commendable efforts to protect the Nation’s Health, the State is guilty of an injustice of high order as far as the mental health community is concerned. I would go further and describe this injustice as an abuse of state power, almost a case of bullying.

My complaint… Continue reading Smoking and the Skills of Love

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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