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That Child Alone in the Tower and Out on the Golf Course

That Child Alone 2

The Brain’s a Tunnel

The Brain's a Tunnel 2

Owl sculpture by Dorothy Love… Continue reading The Brain's a Tunnel

Can Liberal Democracy Survive our Tumult ?

Can liberal democracy survive our tumultuous, bewildering, frightening, dangerous times ? Can it surmount them ? Can it contain and even direct the flailing social forces at work towards positive solutions, a viable human future ?

As things stand, it seems not to be coping at all. It is surely in great danger of… Continue reading Can Liberal Democracy Survive our Tumult ?

I See Everywhere the False


I see everywhere the false, the masked,

the sleek and hollow,

the bought and the creatured.


Their words twist the wind

tug at my mind

and steal from me

the hymns of my life

the sacred.


True words die

the… Continue reading I See Everywhere the False

Cat vies with Hard Drive for my soul

A psychiatrist called Iain McGilchrist has written what in my opinion is an extraordinary and important book called “The Master and his Emissary – The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World.”  I feel instantly at home

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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