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Jes in Yearnland

Everything about the UK’s Brexit Agon smells of rot. The basic irrelevance of the issue in the first place, when there are so many other issues that need our immediate attention – and our whole and best attention.

Cameron’s irresponsible decision and the Commons’ irresponsible… Continue reading Jes in Yearnland

The Parrot Ails

The United Kingdom – so called – continues to stagger towards Brexit. The Government – so called – keeps just “winning” so-called “victories.” Under the so-called “leadership” of Ms May, our incompetent progress towards this terrible mistake requires us to shed our honour, our pride, our… Continue reading The Parrot Ails

Parrot Speaks of Dividends and Dishonour

Parrot Speaks of Youth and Hope

Skelton’s parrot is a bird of paradise. But  he mustn’t go on too long. If he has truth to tell in our storm, and wants to be heard, he has to be strategic. His cage is also his sanctuary.

&nbsp… Continue reading Parrot Speaks of Youth and Hope

Parrot speaks of The People’s Will

Does May really mean what she is doing here ? There is a dog whistle sounding whenever she intones this dreadful phrase “I am delivering the “People’s Will.”  In the latest examples of it, she is setting herself up as the “People’s” friend and ally –… Continue reading Parrot speaks of The People's Will

Parrot speaks of a Pit Bull

Paul Dacre, longtime editor of the Daily Mail, a frantic and irresponsible source of Brexit propaganda, who used his right to free speech and his platform for delivering it, much less for the truth and the public good than for a chance just to bully and… Continue reading Parrot speaks of a Pit Bull

A Sentence Called Humanity

A Brace of Dreadful Centuries

The Lie is Many-Headed

Lout Language as an Abuse of Power

This piece was mostly written in the second half of October 2013. The UK Privy Council (quaint relic of a powerful medieval institution, suddenly back on stage) had just turned down a recommendation for a new form of self-regulation put to them by various representatives of the Press, the vast majority of these… Continue reading Lout Language as an Abuse of Power

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