In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

  • Poetry in Public Space

    I’ve been running this project for years now. Demand for its material has come from schools, healthcare settings and libraries all over the world. Since Covid, however, that demand has effectively evaporated. For a while, of course, public space changed its nature. It became dangerous and, as a precaution, places like waiting rooms, class rooms and libraries had to stand empty for months. But now ? How to get poetry back into public space ? How to get words of care and truth and hope back into public space ?


  • Regarding Grendel

    Footnote : Grendel is the name of a monster who appears in an Anglo-Saxon ‘epic’ called ‘Beowulf’. The poet Seamus Heaney is one of several people who have translated it into modern English. I have not read them all, but his would surely be hard to better. His introduction is worth reading too and gives his thoughts on what the long Beowulf saga is suggesting, or why it is still capable of talking to us. My two references to Grendel above were very much suggested by his interpretation. There are quite a few Grendels about, requiring close attention.