The Value of our Distress

I equate “value” with “quality” and both of these with the right hand side of the brain.… Continue reading The Value of our Distress

Where Connection Takes Place

It is much easier to talk about love and community etc, than it is to comtemplate truthfully, make peace with and embrace your own shadow, this inescapable following aspect of you, lacking clear features. But acknowledgement of the shadow, understanding of it, openness to it, makes real love possible.… Continue reading Where Connection Takes Place

Let me Keep my Feet

In the world we’ve made, the hyphen between I and Thou becomes a surf-board, the hyphen-rider poised, precarious at all times… Continue reading Let me Keep my Feet

Where My Shadow Lives

The Establishing of Ground

The reference here is to a book and an image I keep referring to. It is called “I and Thou” and is by Martin Buber.

Buber compares two essential ways of reaching out beyond the Self to meet the world : one is I – It (my object) and the… Continue reading The Establishing of Ground

I Range the Earth

All Best Wishes this Easter Day

The Shadow Winking

Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to have uploaded these lines yesterday, Good Friday. On Good Friday this year, the highest number of coronavirus deaths so far was recorded in the UK.… Continue reading The Shadow Winking

Surviving the Truth

Portraits of my Shadow

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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