The Lie has Settled on Italy

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Dame Julian of Norwich

Dame Julian of Norwich was an anchoress. She lived in the fourteenth century and wrote “Revelations of Divine Love.” She “good counsel did give” to her visitors, one of whom was Margery Kempe who wrote an autobiography, a rare and perhaps unique thing to do at that time, especially for a woman. Likewise, Dame Julian’s “Revelations” was perhaps the first… continue reading

To Lie

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Moving House

  If my house were moving I’d run outside for safety. But what if outside were moving, too ? What if nothing is not moving, but all and everywhere, all the time, is being replaced by something radically new at a speed forever accelerating, already break-neck ? There’s no house left, no world – only removals. And my country, once… continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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