Mid-winter 2018

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Jez and the Worship of Self

Jez is a fundamentalist. He abides by the iron rules that keep his head together, and have done all his life. He dare not break free. The nation pays for his incapacity, amongst so much we are paying for just now – including humankind’s inability to bear very much reality.… continue reading

The Parrot, the Maybot and No Deal

Will our troops be allowed to fraternise with the “enemy” over Christmas ? The content management of my blog has been “updated” by remote. I still haven’t got the hang of most of the changes. One of them is that every time I make a small editorial alteration, those people who are notified of a new post by email, get… continue reading

The Parrot Calls for Order

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References “Que pensez-voz, Parrot ? What meneth this besynes ?”  from Speak, Parrot by John Skelton (c1460-1529). “Human kind/Cannot bear very much reality” from Burnt Norton by TS Eliot (1888-1965)… continue reading

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In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

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