In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

A White Shirt Writ Large in the Rose Garden


Dear MP’s Office Manager,

Thank you for your earlier response and yes, please, I would like to hear the Cabinet Office’s response to your news, that by the 26th May you had already received 1500 emails concerning Mr Cummings.

I need to report that the responses I’ve heard so far have just left me brimming over with yet more outrage, shame and contempt for the nation’s present leadership, as exemplified now not just by Mr Cummings’ recent trips north, and his explanations afterwards, and the manner of them, but by Mr Johnson’s actions and statements afterwards, and the manner of those.

And in fact we surely already know the Cabinet Office’s response to the outrage being expressed here, by so many people. “Move on,”  Mr Johnson has suggested, while he plans his next “world-beating” Covid-19 initiative which will undoubtedly fail even to work, after which there will be another cover-up, while the nation’s dreadfully high death toll continues. The leadership of this country is far worse than embarrassing. But simply embarrassing it also is.

By “moving on”, I assume he means that we should just leave it behind, as if it were water and we were ducks. We should be grateful for what we’ve been given. After all, he’s allowed us into the Rose Garden, hasn’t he, and we’ve seen Dom in a shirt for a change, and that’s quite enough treats for one season, isn’t it ? Now move on. It’s what Dom said. He said “tell them to move on.” What a genius of communication that man is (though his lies are as glaring as the look on his face).

And yes, the country will move on, but it won’t leave all this behind. We shall move on with it digested and with all that it tells us and means poisoning our nation’s system, and also Mr Johnson’s credibility – if he cares. Also his government’s and his Party’s and all its MP’s credibility  – if they care.

I have said that I did not vote for your party. But I don’t think this is a party issue. This is not a disagreement over political philosophy or policy. It’s an issue of integrity, honesty and competence. In other words, of common interest, of common ground. I really fear that the hoodlums have moved into town and I see no sheriff.

I have one more thing to say, just in case you have time to read it. I earned my living as a mental health social worker and am informed by some of the knowledge-base of that occupation. One does not deploy one’s knowledge lightly, but these are frenzied times, encouraging all sorts of dysfunctional behaviour and giving space, prominence and influence to all sorts of disturbed people. I fear what Mr Cummings has in store for us, from his position of influence, now given double-strength. He likes to anger people, to provoke, to rubbish, to slight, to be the cause of disorder. A negative response is an exciting form of attention. Even his dress is a statement of contempt and provocation, a deliberate and incessant slighting of wherever he goes, of whomever he is addressing. In his “beanie”, he saunters into Number 10. That is a powerful, careful and impactful statement, I suggest. But no one talks about it. Why not ? I’m sure that it, and his objectionable manner, simply keep winding people up and is a justifiable part of our present anger. And a SPAD addressing the press in the Rose Garden ? Even that was a slighting, a kind of sneer. He scatters anger round him, like a sower. He leaves chaos and insult behind him wherever he goes. 

And this will keep happening at the head of government so long he stays there. Dom is having a great time, in his own pathological way. He has become an international small dark star. And we as a nation are in serious trouble and so long as he continues in the position he has, as our felon Toad’s familiar, it will get worse for us, all of us.

And, as things stand at the moment in this nation, what force is there capable of taking action on this matter, to restore order and competence and sense and honour ? I fear there is no force – unless Tory MP’s in sufficient number refuse to play along.