In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Anthem for a Lying Toad


The UK’s Brexit government have been showing us their true mettle in recent weeks. Following their disastrous response to the Covid-19 virus, they are itching to move on to enterprises more to their liking, but equally vulnerable to their incompetence. It has been said that “The Sleep of Reason Brings Forth Monsters” (it’s the title of an etching by Goya). But it is that arbitrary and binary division which is the problem, opposing “Reason” to all else and seeing the latter as “Monsters,” to be fought, denied or discounted. Things like empathy, feeling, truth. Often, it is those who worship “Reason” most ardently, associating it with “Control,” who are our greatest threat. Behind a mask of Reason, Control, Order, their own real chaos is what they bring to the world. Chaos is all they can ever bring and is what they will leave behind.


And the Toad’s a liar

a “world beating” liar.

On our country’s bowed shoulders

he stands tall.


And let’s be fair,

it’s not every nation

that adopts from choice

a known liar and wastrel

for leader.

It’s not every nation that opts

freely for its own disgrace.


He’s the One, we said.

He’ll “get it done”,

he said he would.

We liked the sound of that man’s voice,

that air of certainty

and his hair all tousled

with studious care

and that manicured smirk.

He makes his lies

sound like Etonian gold-dust.

They’ve much more sex appeal

than reality.

He’ll work it with slogan

he’ll work it with lie

just as he worked it with us.


My grandson woke me

the other afternoon and asked me,

is it true, grandad,

that if I lie from this day forward,

I too could be prime minister ?


Ah yes, I said. But you be sure, my boy,

to practice night and day  

up and down the lie scales.

Persevere and when you’ve grown up

and got a job and then the sack

for lying, you’ll know you’re on your way.

But still there’s more to do.


Before you qualify

for Toad’s high office,

he insists you match

his two previous dismissals for lying.

And even then

it’s not quite done.

Our Toad went on

to lie to his queen,

high treason

being yet another feat

in which our Toad takes pride.


Arise, Sir Toad,

Her Majesty intoned.

As Lord of Number Ten,

our near neighbour in Westminster,

you’ve taken first prize

for your treachery and lies

and led our nation

to world class disaster

and disgrace.


And as you so rightly say,

my Lord of the Lie,

our Lying Toad of Number Ten,

a lie today

keeps reality at bay –

until tomorrow.


Rogan Wolf June 14th 2020