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Mental Health Witness – malpractice in mental health consultation

Health and Social Services in the UK often run open meetings for people who use mental health services. Such meetings are seen as opportunities to give people information on new policy developments, as well as letting them “have their say.” By definition, an open meeting means anyone might come, in whatever state they are in. An invitation to an open… continue reading

Mental Health Witness – Who’s a Skiver, then ?

George Osborne’s division of the nation into Us “Strivers”  and Them “Skivers” (but weren’t  we once “all in this together” ?) has reminded me of some nineteenth century history I learned at school. It provides some context for Osborne’s venomous jingle two centuries later, and a way of measuring its quality and pedigree. I still find the nineteenth century fascinating,… continue reading

A Statement of Principle in time for Christmas

I suspect that many of us see “principle” as something we can just hive off and leave in airy-fairy land while we hurry out to do our Christmas shopping.  So I’ll say straightaway that, on the contrary,  true and meaningful principle may in the end be the only fact that counts, far more significant and substantive than most of the… continue reading

Freedom of the Press does not mean Free Speech

With Leveson now published, and much debate on the subject being reported, I think it is worth pointing out  that the Internet is not the only elephant in the room in these discussions. So long as newspapers are owned by super-rich oligarchs, ex-pornographers and the like, and mirror or reflect in any way the views and prejudices and over-weening habits… continue reading

The Resignation of Denis MacShane

Denis MacShane was Minister for Europe under Tony Blair.  He brought a wider and more cultured vision and experience to that role than many politicians and activists  ever get near, at least in this country. For instance, he  translated into English a Brecht poem for “Poems on the Underground”.  He also responded positively to a slightly grandiose letter from me … continue reading

Where is the Church ? I don’t see it anywhere.

The Anglican Church is having trouble deciding whether to introduce women bishops. Within the Church, there have been agitation, discussion and arguments over the move for ages. It is possible that, outside the Church, very few people would have any interest whatsoever, in either the arguments or in the development. By which I do not mean that the issue, and… continue reading

The “Poems for…” project – a new collection has been uploaded , crossing new frontiers

A new collection of mainly bilingual poems has been uploaded on the Poems for… website. It consists of sixty poems, most of them bilingual. Eventually this sixty will join and become one with the collection of forty five poems  launched a few years ago, called “Poems for… One World.” The new collection has taken three years. Thank you, Stephen Watts,… continue reading

Smoking and the Skills of Love

I believe that in its serious and commendable efforts to protect the Nation’s Health, the State is guilty of an injustice of high order as far as the mental health community is concerned. I would go further and describe this injustice as an abuse of state power, almost a case of bullying. My complaint concerns psychiatric hospitals across the UK… continue reading

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