In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

I Came Running


When Theresa May, the UK’s Conservative Prime Minister, called an election for June 2017, her manifesto included an opportunity to repeal New Labour’s ban on fox hunting. The Conservatives had expected to increase their majority, which would have eased May’s ability to push through Brexit. Instead they lost it.


I came running. I’d heard

them earlier of course

the bugles, the hounds, the quads

and all the tall king’s horses.

But now, suddenly,

here they were

yards away

in the public park where lovers meet

and our children play.

And I arrived at that precise moment

everyone talks about

when the fox stands

at the last of itself

its lust and pride all used up

and now there is nothing

but fangs to undergo.

And the hounds crouch

back on their haunches

and just before they leap in

for gut and muscle

to rend and rip and nullify

they cease for a moment

their frenzy of sound.

And a few riders, having

just caught up, they

also pause and you can see

tongue slide along lip

and eye glitter in the wet

and silent ecstasy of this moment.

And suddenly I knew that here at last

we had come full

circle and stopped

and as a planet might stop

but then perforce will roll

backwards onto itself,

our nation had taken

back control.

                                     Rogan Wolf          


(the picture of the fox above has been taken from the website of the League against Cruel Sports. See :