In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Jez Holds the Bridge


For days now, the Tories have been capturing the UK headlines with their exercise to find a new leader, who will also be the nation’s Prime Minister at this fraught and crucial time in our history. Today, mid-summer, with just Hunt and Johnson left in the competition, and with Johnson way ahead, we are moving towards some kind of exquisite denouement. The lie of Brexit is most likely to be resolved, at last, by the Tory most notorious for lying – twice sacked for it, surely unemployable now in any profession requiring trust and integrity. To be our Prime Minister. And what’s Labour been up to in the meantime ? Anything useful ? Anything that will help ? Anything that will cleanse the air or restore hope ? They’ve been having a chat with dear old Jez. And Jez is still saying no.