In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Parrot Counts the Cost of Youth


It struck me hard yesterday, that issues that are dominating our lives (or at least mine – unhealthily so)  – such as Trumplestiltskin in America, Brexitosis in the UK – appalling both – are actually just inexcusable distractions from issues and crisis far larger and more important – for instance global warming and mass extinctions of species, and so on.

A world-wide “catastrophic event” is unfolding daily.

But we stay focussed on leaders and policies associated with nonsense, absurdity and ill-doing. And at least one of those leaders – and of course I mean Trumplestiltskin – deny that this “catastrophic event”  is even happening.

Our choosing of these monstrous, these disastrous “leaders,” these shameful distractions that absorb so much of our energy and resources, are in themselves symptomatic, and a further aspect, of this “catastrophic event” that is sweeping life away. Part of it, reflecting it, they also feed and hasten it.