In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Fable 3 – Opening to the Stranger


This is the third installment of “Fables and Reflections”

Fable Three is called “Opening to the Stranger.” It explores our relationship with the unfamiliar or unusual, with whatever seems new or strange.

The first and second installments (see earlier posts below) provided links to an Introduction, Fable One, Fable Two and Anchorite poems.

Each piece takes just a few minutes to read. There are 16  Fables in all and I shall post them here every three weeks or so. The  series is, in effect, a report back from a working life spent at a fraught frontier, one of Society’s fault-lines. They share learning and seek to offer guidance on how to survive and navigate and make real and creative human connection across division, shadow and frontier.

If anyone finds value or virtue in these Fables and Reflections, please send word of them to people you know who you think might want to read them. You could simply link them to the blog, or, alternatively,  I am happy to send them out as email attachments to people who ask for them, and am already doing that.  I would also be happy to send hard copy versions by surface mail to anyone who would prefer to read the pieces that way.  Just send me your address.