In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

The ground underfoot has a thin crust these days but we’re still talking


On Saturday  May 7th, I spoke at a conference at Warwick University. It was called “2nd International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine”.

I gave a short power-point presentation and read a paper.

Here is the power-point and here is the paper. This version of the latter is slightly longer than the one I actually read.

I mentioned the fact that the “Poems for…” project I run is out of funds and has been for several months. One or two helpful suggestions were made.

The funding issue is, incidently, one reason why this blog has gone quiet recently. Another reason is that there is serious illness in my family. I have to give time and self to those things.

The conference opportunity was exciting. So are other developments just emerging.  I am a bit tight lipped just now, and concentrating fiercely, but am still talking and will talk more here soon.