In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

The Toad Falls Foul of the Law


The UK’s Supreme Court has just finished hearing the Government’s appeal against the Scottish High Court’s finding that Johnson misled the Queen as to his reasons for closing down the Parliament. It was not a matter of creating more time to prepare the Queen’s Speech. Instead it was to stop parliamentary scrutiny of his Brexit activities. Now we are again waiting to hear whether or not politics and the nation’s executive, and above all Mr Johnson, are above the law.

But what we can be sure of is that, in the past, Mr Johnson, our present Prime Minister, had been sacked twice for lying. No employer in his/her senses would employ a person with that record. Yet somehow or other, a lying toad has become a nation’s leader. And he has chosen a “cabinet” composed of toadstools. And the court kept hearing this week that the toad just keeps lying. Whereas the law of perjury operates in a law-court, it seems not to operate in Parliament or in the public street or in the TV studio.