In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Truth tells, twice over



Air Threat


The space outside

grows too dangerous to tolerate


too frightening to explore.

It has been poisoned.


There was a time when danger

threatened only across deep water


but now no longer.

All the systems, the traceries,


the capillaries

are fracturing


right here on the doorstep

a degeneration


working its way

into the mortar


into the brain.

The air between us


is disintegrating.

Do you not see it breaking up ?


The door blows open.

The lie walks in.

Rogan Wolf, October 2015


Street Safety


Our houses stand like a coast of sheer cliff

granite and immoveable.


But they are just targets

there to be hit.


It is words that will stand true

words that can’t


be blown away

words charged


and pulsating

that will light our street.

Rogan Wolf, November 2015