In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Month: March 2015

  • What’s a “Carer” ?


    Each of us surely wants to be acknowledged as a “caring” person, even while so much that is uncaring is happening all round us – perpetrated presumably by aliens. The Head Rude-boy of Blingland has presided over changes in the Benefit system that disgrace us all, even while they continue sufficiently popular with his constituency…

  • Screen


    We search the screen for images but they come searching us. They are seeking our weak points. They want to win us. They reach for us through the screen antennae probing. They never see us. They cannot see.   We peer at them through the screen trying to decipher their ploys, their deceptions their hidden…

  • Rule by Rude Boy ?


    What has been the effect upon UK citizens of the behaviour we have witnessed during the past few days, as negotiations over the planned televised debates between our political leaders appear to have reached their climax ? For me, the way Cameron/his Party/his hooligan Press have conducted themselves has been utterly astonishing. Obviously the Tory…