In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Month: July 2015

  • Poems for United Response


    United Response is a registered charity which supports people who have disabilities. It aims to help them fulfill themselves and be less isolated in our community. It seeks to ensure they receive their basic human rights. In mentioning this particular organisation here, I am not seeking to advertise it at the possible expense of others…

  • Message to Andy


    After the May election, I joined the Labour Party. Since then I have been inundated by messages from an extraordinary number of Labour representatives, each passionately keen to get virtually personal with me. These include each of the present Party Leader candidates, as well as candidates for the Deputy Leader, all of whom, of course,…

  • David Attenborough, Barak Obama, a starling and a blackbird


    David Attenborough has given a long life to his love and defence of the natural world, whose destruction has continued despite him, at our hands. The other day he had a chat with an American president of stature and they agreed on quite a few things. At first a starling took part in their conversation.…