In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Month: October 2017

  • Poet on the Cliff


    Let’s look again at St Aldhelm’s chapel, a small square Norman building on a  cliff-edge. It stands at the very tip of a promontory on the Dorset coast called –    a bit confusingly – St Alban’s Head. The chapel is small and dark and inside it is very damp. This is because the door…

  • Poet on the Team


    Earlier this year there was a General Election in the UK. Beforehand, Theresa May had insisted she wouldn’t call one, but apparently changed her mind whilst out walking in the hills. Perhaps she saw a fox and got over-excited. For, as we all know, the election didn’t go well for her. The fox escaped and…

  • Lying to the People is a Crime of High Treason


    All Westminster MP’s are required to swear to tell the truth. I have been told this on the good authority of my own MP. She told me that new MP’s must swear to abide by the seven Nolan principles. The sixth of these states that holders of public office should be truthful. But the Nolan principles are…

  • The Tory Family Row


    The Tory ex-minister Nicky Morgan recently described the Tory party as being like her family. Presumably she meant that, for her, the party is more than just “work,” or even just “politics” : her fellow-Tories are people of her own kind and she feels at home among them and perhaps spends most of her time…

  • I Send Greetings from this Place


      I send greetings from this place to my neighbours across the water I bid them welcome to my mind I bid them welcome to our future   and I grieve that in the present some people on this small island have been bewildered and ill-led into thinking water can be wall   and a…