In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Month: March 2020

  • The Severn in the Neighbourhood of North Italy


      The question is, I suppose, what makes a neighbourhood, at the present time ? North Italy is quite a distance away from the river Severn, and in lock-down. But so is Britain, I and my next door neighbour and neighbours.  But now that we in Britain have “got it done” – whatever puerile hoodlum…

  • Severn Shorts


    I am getting to know the River Severn. A longish poem about it is already up among the “collected works” on the right (“Of My Neighbour the Severn”) Here below are some later brief impressions, or experiences, of the Severn’s nature. The picture above was taken by Nicola Knoop.        And I did…

  • Poems in Memoriam in Time for Lent


    I am uploading another collection of poems here. I am also adding it to the collections listed down the right hand side of this blog’s home page. “Another” collection, but not a new one. Some of its poems were written several years ago, although every year, I check them over and might revise them. They…

  • Live Music Sweeps the Board


      A few years ago, I worked free-lance in central London as a sort of facilitator on behalf of the local mental health services. I had been trained as a social worker and for decades previously had worked as a manager of community centres for people with long term mental health diagnoses. But nowadays, I…

  • Homage to Captain Beefheart in a Time of Plague


           And I’ll ride homeand I’ll ride home.The sound of the tyres is soothingthe sound of the tyres is soothing.And home’s elusiveand home’s elusive. And home is where I find myselfhome is where I becomeand home is where I find myselfhome is where I become. And my head is my only houseunless it…