In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Category: poems on learning disability

  • Poetry in Public Space


    I’ve been running this project for years now. Demand for its material has come from schools, healthcare settings and libraries all over the world. Since Covid, however, that demand has effectively evaporated. For a while, of course, public space changed its nature. It became dangerous and, as a precaution, places like waiting rooms, class rooms…

  • Poems in Public


    Poetry once belonged only in open space – the mead hall by a great fire, where flea-bitten warriors sat at table with their lord ; or a place of worship or ceremony, the wedding, the funeral. Not in private, on paper, let alone on screen. Poetry belonged in the air between people, out loud. Accordingly,…

  • Word across Distance


      The collage of photographs above records a small exhibition of bilingual poem-posters that has recently been showing in a popular public setting managed by Bristol University. The poems were selected from “Poems for the Wall,” a project I founded almost exactly twenty years ago, and still run. The exhibition went up under the stewardship…