In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Poems for…meeting the “Dangerous Stranger”


Here below are links to four poems.  Each was written in a language spoken by people Mr Trump wants to ban from the United States of America. Please read them. The non-English original texts all have good English translations alongside.

Farsi Ebrahimi

Persian Khoi

Arabic Monzer Masri (Syrian)

Somali Samadoon

The poems come from a project  I run called Poems for…

Over two hundred small poster-poems for public display. Poems for speaking honestly across space and among people. Poems for opening borders.

The project has been funded by the UK Arts Council, the NHS, the John Lewis Partnership, the King’s Fund, the Baring Foundation, the Mayor of London, the Foreign Office.

All its poems come free of charge. They are downloaded for display in schools and hospitals all over the world.

The four poems above are taken from Poems for…One World, which is the largest and latest of the project’s three main collections. This one offers mostly bilingual poems, with 50 languages represented. But it also includes a collection on mental health and one on learning disability.

Our other main collections are : Poems for…Waiting and Poems for…All Ages.

The collections, and any poem from them, can be downloaded from the project’s website, once you have registered there. No charge for doing so. The site also contains a great deal more information about the project and its development.

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