In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Sad Songs of the Brain


Three of them. I haven’t yet found a way of actually displaying them as a post here, though it’s easily done on Facebook.

But this link takes you to a pdf version : Sad Songs of the Brain

Why the paltry brain, the paltry individual ? Why “in here” where the brain is ? Why not “out there” where all the trouble is ? All the confusion, the inhumanity, the sound and fury, the earth quaking  ?

But of course the answer is obvious. The trouble is in here too. Here is where it started. Here is where most of us are experiencing it.

And I keep thinking of that image from Star Wars. The dark star advances through the void, threatening the home star of the glowing blue seas wrapped in their feathery swirl. And that in turn is an apt image for the hemispheres of our brain, and the void that separates them, the enormity, the momentousness, of the struggle between them.