In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Fables and Reflections – The Door which Strangely Opens


I am uploading with this post the first installment of  “Fables and Reflections,” a collection of short prose pieces which I wrote over a period of around three months in Greece.  Future uploads will consist of just one Fable each. But this first post has two attachments, first the collection’s Introduction and second Fable One. Click on the link words. Exclusive of the Introduction, there will be sixteen fables in all.

As a series, “Fables and Reflections” varies in approach. Some of the pieces are essentially metaphor, allegory, parable, fable ; others are written more directly as discussion papers. They explore, among other things, the place and meaning of social responsibility and social inclusion, and the  skills required to make  and keep healing human connection,   in a Society otherwise much engaged in transition-fever, aggressive fundamentalism, material acquisiton, denial.

I believe this collection of pieces is relevant,  especially to people working/struggling along frontiers within Society where the need to connect, and to have skill in doing so, are especially important.

For various reasons my “publication” strategy will be to put up the fables here one at a time  and later perhaps on the site of a small charity I run called “Hyphen-21”. They’ll go up fortnightly.  At the same time I shall send them out as email attachments to people who have said beforehand they’d be interested. If anyone would prefer to have them sent in hard copy by surface mail, I would be willing to do that too. Just contact me and give me your address.

The Fables vary in length, but I would say on average that each takes approximately ten minutes to read. If you have them in hard copy, you could read each one over a cup of tea, a half pint, a glass of wine, whatever you fancy.

Fable 1, “The Door which Strangely Opens,” offers some thoughts on endurance and right action.

If you think that “Fables and Reflections” has any merit or value, please pass  the collection on, or recommend this site,  to anyone else you think might be interested.

Best wishes

Rogan Wolf