In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

The Parrot Examines the Use of Words


The previous Saturday had been billed as yet another “crunch” Brexit day, and I had been ready to face the worst. But, as things turned out, the Toad was left frustrated on that occasion. Today, however, another crunch had come. Anxiety had returned.

Was Brexit truly a set of developments that might still happen, probably still would happen ? Yes, certainly it was. But was Brexit really what Brexit supporters thought it was ? A solution to something real ? Or was it just a symbol of discontent, a symptom of ill-health in the body politic ? A kind of ritual sacrifice ? Surely that. And the more we talked and did Brexit, the worse the ill-health became. It seemed fitting that on this crunch day, Brexit was led by a lying toad whom no-one in his or her right senses would employ at any level, down to the lowest. Instead we had allowed him to steal into the role of “Prime Minister.”