In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

The Parrot in the Ring of Chaos


This stanza was written just one day after the event it describes – the Labour Conference vote on campaigning for Remain. That event seemed significant for at least a few hours.

But the following day’s judgement by the Supreme Court was so much more significant and – still finishing this stanza – I felt that it was already out of date and I’d been left behind. Tumultuous events were piling up on each other. How to keep up – emotionally, intellectually, in any way at all ?

The conference was in many ways disastrous for Labour and revealed (yet again) the Corbyn inner circle as mean-spirited, spiteful, inept, and largely taken up with in-Party feuds, whatever the effect that might have on the Party’s electoral chances. Despite all the talk and posturing, maybe Corbyn would always be more comfortable in Opposition, indignant without responsibility, being nasty to family members…

The last lines here offer a direct reproduction of some of the words used during the announcement of Labour’s chaotic “decision” to make itself electorally irrelevant (or so it seemed then – but had things now changed ?). See the short video at the head of the article :