In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Mr Toad Falls Foul of the Law (Again)


On September 24th, the UK Supreme Court ruled against our Prime Minister’s prorogation of Parliament, finding unanimously that the prorogation was unlawful and that Johnson had misled the Queens on his reasons for implementing it. Effectively, Johnson was being named a plain liar by the highest court in the country and Parliament’s position in the nation’s constitution was confirmed and actually strengthened, as befits.

Thanks were due to Gina Miller (again) and to John Major for bringing the case. Also to the Justices concerned, above all to Lady Hale, at their head. Something redemptive had taken place, something of largeness, something to respect.

Might this signify the turning of the tide ? Might the example set by the Justices – in defiance of lawlessness and mayhem – be followed in other places of this country ?