In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

The Parrot Still in London


This is one of a rapid succession of these rhyming commentaries, written during a sequence of events even more furious, momentous and disturbing than usual. I composed it quite early on Thursday 26th September. The previous night., in the House of Commons, only just back from America, following the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling, Mr Toad was wholly unrepentant. He simply said that the judgement that he had acted illegally in proroguing parliament and essentially that he lied to the Queen, was wrong. Clearly he knew the law better than they did. And then he just carried on lying. But at least he was there in that assembly, required by law to present himself for all to see and hear.

And what we saw and heard was disgraceful but also clearly premeditated. Elements in the country would like this defiance, this “standing up to,” this rejection of the norms, this green light to bigotry.

Was it possible that Britain could become even more divided and worked up ? It would seem so. But to whose benefit ?