In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Month: November 2015

  • Truth tells – another time


    Aortal Bleeding Perhaps our Creator lacks a mind and therefore had no plan for how yours and mine would work. In which case our lives and history are just a continuous accident like a river nosing downhill chancing on points of give. But it’s hard not to decipher a certain deliberation verging on cruelty in…

  • Going to Work


      The leaves are sodden they’ll take months to become useful again. I bagged them today in a world so warm I used my fingers to rake the grass clear of their wet colours. I imagine them now as I write with the wind getting up and the fox stirring for his scavenge through the…

  • Truth tells, twice over


      Air Threat   The space outside grows too dangerous to tolerate   too frightening to explore. It has been poisoned.   There was a time when danger threatened only across deep water   but now no longer. All the systems, the traceries,   the capillaries are fracturing   right here on the doorstep a…