In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

A Second Song of I and Thou


There are two themes at work is this series of “songs”. One is I and Thou. The other is I and My Shadow. I am alternating the themes each day, like plaiting a piece of string. So for this third song, here is I and Thou again.

Of course I and you are absolutely separate and I must learn to revere and hear your difference. I am a centre of being, from which I look out, but so equally are you. We are each a different centre of the universe. From time to time we see each other and meet.

And of course I and my shadow make a single person and I cannot escape my shadow ; on the contrary, if I am to fulfill myself, or even survive, I and my shadow have to be reconciled, however mystifying or frightening my shadow might sometimes be. If I live in fear or denial of my shadow, my shadow might turn nasty.