In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

How to Speak in Times of Clamour


A long time ago, I went away to Greece and spent three months there alone in a hut, facing the rock pictured above. By now, I had lived a youth and much of an adulthood and this was a time for reflection, in case I could make some sense of all that living, never to be repeated or recaptured, all that taking in and giving out.

Soon I was producing quite a lot in both prose and poetry and it came to a point when it didn’t seem to matter, from one morning to another, which medium I would be writing in that day. I would find out.

The prose pieces turned out to be a series of essays, a few of them a bit ranty, others more like fables. And that is what in the end I called them : “Fables and Reflections.” I saw them as a sort of collation of learning points, or strategies, or navigation guides for times of flux and tempest. You can find the series in pdf on the right hand side of the Home Page of this blog.

Is it the best place for them ? Possibly. One of them seems especially relevant just now, and provides its own answer to the question I’ve just asked. Here is a link to it.