In all our sanctuaries we sit at risk

Jez Labours


Did the young see Jez aright ? Or, in their disillusion with the status quo, were they projecting all their hope onto a blank screen, seeing Jez wrongly as somehow an answer, seeing colour on the screen, which is actually not there ? For Jez is not very colourful.

And perhaps he needs that status quo which has so betrayed the young. He can sit around the table being the rebel, the maverick, the awkward squad. He can say, “On a point of order, Chair…” It feels good, to make the Chair wriggle a bit. He’s done it all his life. He sits at the table and watches those who act, and again and again he says, “On a point of order, Chair…”

He knows what yearning there is among his young supporters for a second referendum, a “final say”. Their future lives are at stake. He owes his present heady position to these same young people. They put their faith in him. Will he raise the torch for them ? Or if he won’t, will he explain to them the reasons for his failure to do so, now that it is becoming clear that it was never his intention ?